“MCDA has been a great fit for my daughter. Their classes inspire creativity and self expression along with teaching technique and performance skills. AND…they have such friendly staff and students, totally unlike any other studio around!” -MCDA Parent

“I have recommended MK/MCDA to a number of other parents I know as this is one of the best ways I know to show appreciation. As a parent I like the variety of schedule choices, the friendly atmosphere, how organized and responsive the staff is and equally important how much my 2 children have enjoyed their classes. I plan on continuing with MK/MCDA for many years to come!” -MCDA/Mtn Kids Parent

“We have had a wonderful experience at Mountain Kids. Both of our sons have enjoyed their classes so much and don’t like to wait a week between classes! The staff is friendly and engaging, the classes are fun and build confidence and provide an safe and accepting environment for kids.”- MCDA/Mtn Kids Parent

“My daughter was very shy and through this past year with Mountain Kids she has now gained confidence! She loves the teachers and wants to get better! Thank you, Mountain Kids!” – MCDA/Mtn Kids Parent

“From the very first class my daughter fell in love with Mountain Kids. The combination of the teachers being incredibly attentive and the place feeling so safe have made my daughter excel in her disciplines, both ballet and gymnastics and I believe have motivated her to do extremely well in school.”- MCDA/Mtn Kids Parent

“My daughter loves going to dance class each week and I love watching her learn and develop as a dancer. It is obvious that everyone who works there loves what they do and it shows in the excited, happy faces of all the students at MCDA.” – MCDA Parent

“WE LOVE MCDA DANCE! My daughter has grown so much in her confidence and love of dance. She takes multiple styles of dance and has loved every minute. Thanks for all you do!”- Jessie, MCDA Parent

“Professionally managed, responsive to feedback about class schedules, safe, and fun. My kids love going to class and want to enroll in more!” – MCDA/Mtn Kids Parent

“Mountain Kids is a wonderful place. My daughter has been going there for about a year, and I have nothing but good things to say about it. From day one, we felt welcome and my daughter just fell in love with her teacher. In fact, all of the instructors we’ve encountered have been phenomenal. I’ve always felt like my daughter was in very capable hands, and I’ve never had to worry about her safety. I love that it’s so kid-focused, and the effort they make to keep the attention on the kids definitely shows. Most of all, I love that my kid loves it so much. Truly, I have nothing but great things to say about Mountain Kids!” MCDA-Mtn Kids Parent

“I’m not a “Dance Mom” and was looking for a place where my 6 year old could have fun and learn the basics of dance. MCDA is perfect because they realize that not all girls will go on to be professionals and therefore, the hair and attire rules are a bit more flexible. The focus is on fun and dance. If you want to do that in a princess costume, so be it!” – MCDA Parent

“Fun, engaging, talented and engaged staff that are vested in keeping your kids happy and moving!” – MCDA/Mtn Kids Parent

“We have been super pleased with both Tap and ballet classes at MK. My daughter loves the teachers and her favorite part is dressing up in the adorable costumes and performing her dance on stage. Mountain Kids is a perfect place for my daughter to gain new skills and continue to improve.” MCDA/Mtn Kids Parent

“Our daughter has been attending Mountain Kids since she started to walk, and the programs have been fantastic for her both emotionally and physically. Mountain Kid’s facilities, teachers and programs, are not only top notch, but also designed specifically for young ones of all levels. Not a day goes by when our daughter doesn’t jump off something, do a summersault, or show off her dance moves she learned at Mountain Kids.” – MCDA/Mtn Kids Parent

“I love Mountain Kids! My daughter has performed in the Spring recital for the past three years. I love seeing all the kids of all ages dancing – some taking cues from their teachers, and others completely rehearsed/memorized.” – MCDA/Mtn Kids Parent

“Mountain Kids/MCDA is an awesome facility where my daughter has enjoyed learning both gymnastics and dance in one convenient combo class. All of the instructors are very enthusiastic and keep the kids engaged and laughing, while teaching them proper skills. The staff is friendly and the policies are easy and fair. We absolutely love it here!” – MCDA/Mtn Kids Parent

“My daughter has been taking different dance and gymnastics classes at Mountain Kids since she was 3 years old. She loves the fun, knowledgable and engaged instructors, and enjoys learning new skills. I highly recommend Mtn. Kids for dance, gymnastics and birthday parties!” – MCDA/Mtn Kids Parent

“My daughter has really enjoyed her class this year! She looks forward to class each week and has a blast while she’s there!” – MCDA/Mtn Kids Parent

“MCDA has been wonderful for my daughter to continue to advance with her skills. The staff is very friendly and patient and truly care about the kids. I like that they work with them and become friends with them at the same time as for my child that has helped to break through some of the shyness.” – MCDA Parent

“MK/MCDA is a welcoming and wonderful community. We love the way they create a community of healthy families.”- MCDA/Mtn Kids Parent

“My daughter has been dancing at MCDA for a couple of years. The teachers are amazing and talented. They all have so much passion for dance and children. I really love their whole approach and philosophy. They are focused on the enjoyment of dance and feeling the music, which makes it fun for the kids. They have spring and winter recital that are very affordable. The recitals are also delightful to watch; I’ve been to 2 years worth and it’s fun to see all the dancers grow in age and ability with each performance. I’ve seen my own daughter blossom with confidence from dance at Mountain Kids. It’s a place she loves to go and a place I love to take her.” -Christine, MCDA Parent

“Our daughter has loved dance at Mountain Kids. Her teachers are outgoing, caring, and knowledgeable. They have instilled a passion for dance in her. She has developed greater skill as a dancer and developed many friendships at Mountain Kids. As a mom I also appreciate that our younger son has been able to participate in gymnastics while our daughter dances. He loves it and it’s awesome that they can both be involved in activities at the same place and time.” -Amber, MCDA Parent

“It has been so beautiful to watch as my daughter gains the joy of dance, learns a variety of different techniques, and also develops the confidence and presence that comes with performance. The instruction has been fantastic, and the camaraderie among the dancers, young and older, is really dear.”- Michelle, MCDA Parent

“Both of my daughters (now ages 10 and 14) have participated in this program and enjoyed it. The teachers are artistic, kind and thoughtful in their choreography, which results in recitals and performances that are enjoyable for the kids and lovely to watch. My daughters also have both participated in the dance company called M.A.D.E. and the commitment and intensity were the right fit for our family. The staff at Mountain Kids is a joy to work with as a parent.” -Stacey, MCDA Parent

“All of the instructors are talented and easy going. They truly care about the kids and keep it low pressure and fun. The recitals at year end are always fantastic!!! My kids love everything this studio offers, from Kids Night Out to their Birthday Parties! The Owner also takes pride in giving back to the local community amongst other charity endeavors throughout the year!” -Renee, MCDA Parent

“My 3 year old daughter participated in Storytime Ballet and Tap at MCDA and LOVED it. She looked forward to going to class every week. The teachers were very patient and taught ballet skills while also having fun doing creative movement. We’re looking forward to trying the Combo class in the fall!”- Jennifer, MCDA Parent